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Born Portland, Oregon, 1923

Died Normandy, France, 2002


1943             Oregon State College

1943-45      WWII Pacific Theater -Awarded Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and more

1946-47       University of Oregon at Eugene

1947             Hans Hofmann School Provincetown, Mass. (summer)

1949             Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris, France

1949-52       Atelier Fernande Leger, Paris, France


1960    Hallmark Purchase Award (Fifth International)

1961    Longview Foundation Fellowship Purchase Award

1964    Carol H. Beck Gold Medal, 159th Annual Exhibtion of American Painting & Sculpture,

            Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

1966    Neysa McMein Purchase Award, Whitney Museum of American Art

1976    New York State Caps Grant

1980    Associate Member, National Academy Museum, New York

1981    Benjamin Altman (Figure) Prize, 156th Annual Exhibition, National Academy Museum

1983    Andrew Carnegie Prize, 158th Annual Exhibtion, National Academy Museum

1986    Painting Citation, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York

            Ranger Purchase Award, National Academy Museum

            Academician, National Academy Museum

1990    Certificate of Merit, 165th Annual Exhibition, National Academy Museum

            Purchase Award, American Academy, Gift to Springfield Art Museum, Ohio

1991    Gladys Emerson Cook Prize, 166th Annual Exhibition, National Academy Museum

1992    Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Inc., Individual Support Grant

1993    Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Grant Recipient

            Emil & Dines Carlsen Award, 168th Annual Exhibition, National Academy Museum

1976-1985 Founder & Chairman of the Board: Artists’ Choice Museum, New York, NY



Paul Gordon Georges born June in Portland, Oregon to Daisy Ostrow (1891-1950, b. in Russia) and Thomas Theseus Georges (1886-1974,

  1. Medea, Greece).  3rd son of 4 children: brother Tom Junior b. 1919, favorite brother Ossie b. 1922, little sister Shirley b. 1925. 

Works at his father’s laundry business as a child until adulthood


Paints first painting while a student at Lincoln High School, Portland wins art prize at Multnomah County Fair


Graduates High School.  Works at father’s business: The Oregon Laundry, Portland, Oregon (later renamed Oregon Linen Rental)


Attends Oregon State College taking technical courses for a future in laundry & dry cleaning


Drafted into United States Army.  Serves as an Infantry Radio Operator in the Pacific Theater February 1943-Dec 1945.  Walks around the entire coastline of New Guinea for 10 months; Battle of Lingayen Gulf; survives numerous attacks, heavy shelling throughout the Philippines; awarded Purple Heart, Bronze Star.   Decides to do something worthwhile with his life if he survives.


Attends University of Oregon at Eugene on the G.I. Bill.  Studies with Jack Wilkinson who becomes a lifelong friend.  Jack taught Paul how to analyze art.  Other students include Ken Snelson, Vernon Witham, Karl Niederer, Otto Fried and James Ivory the film director.   Begins first

self portrait.  Continues painting self portraits until his dying day; over 400 in series.


Attends Hans Hofmann School, Provincetown, MA (summer).   Drives across country.  Meets Jane Freilicher, Larry Rivers, Wolf Kahn, Paul Resika, Robert Goodnough, John Grillo, Clement Greenberg, Frankenthaler.  Drives West with Irvin Kershner who is going to Los Angeles. Returns to U of Oregon (Fall) and receives Junior Certificate.  Drives laundry truck for father’s business.


Paul returns to New York with college friend Vernon Witham (Fall); they rent a room in a rooming house in the west 70’s and each uses one wall for painting.


Spends Jan/February in New York City.  Moves to Paris in March and lives on the Rue de la Bucherie.  Exhibits at the Salon de Mai.  Attends Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and then the Atelier Fernand Leger (1949-1952).  Ken Snelson is a student also Otto Fried both from University of Oregon at Eugene.  Paul said of classes, “Leger sat there and when he saw each painting said “enlevez!” or take it away!  “Moves to a Dacca in St. Genevieve du Bois outside Paris.  At a party in a studio near Brancusi’s in the Impasse Ronsin meets Lisette Blumenfeld, daughter of the photographer Erwin Blumenfeld (b. Berlin 1897) and Lena Citroen (b. Amsterdam 1896) cousin of Dutch artist Paul Citroen (December 6).


Marries Lisette Blumenfeld in Cambridge, England (January 23).  Sees Hampton Court, the National Gallery, British Museum, Rubens, etc.  Moves to La Frette, a small town outside Paris, where they rent a house with a studio formerly occupied by the painter Albert Marquet.  Paul makes a film.  Returns to Portland in September after his mother dies of a heart attack.  Drives a laundry truck for $600 a week. Returns to France (December).  Paints in a cubist style.


Travels to Italy, visits Florence, Ravenna, Venice and Arezzo.  Travels to Bayeaux, Normandy to see the tapestries.  Also visits Colmar, France to see the Grunewalds.  Admires anything “Romanesque”.


Leaves Paris and Moves to New York City (March).   For a commission brings from France & sells painting by Albert Sisley (for $2000) to help neighbor Mme. Mac Guffie a widow from La Frette.   Husband was a dentist from Scotland who traded paintings from his customers who were Impressionist painters.  Rents a loft slated for demolition at 41 East 8th Street (1952-54) formerly occupied by Peter Busa, Jackson Pollock visits looking for Busa.  The loft is upstairs from Rosenberg Art Supply where Larry Rivers works; Rivers steals art supplies brings them upstairs to “PG’s” and picks them up after work.  Paints large fresco titled, “Jonah and The Whale”.   Attends ‘The Club’ and The Cedar Bar meets DeKooning, Rothko, Franz Kline, Barnett Newman, et al.  Visits family in Portland drives laundry truck.


Father-in-law Erwin Blumenfeld, sends Paul to meet Alexander Liberman, Editorial Director of Conde Naste for a job.  Paul sits down, breaks chair, does not get a job.  Sees friend Bill de Kooning on the street outside Sidney Janis Gallery and walks into the sensational first de Kooning “Women” show with de Kooning.  Paul talked about this event for the rest of his life.


Clement Greenberg includes Paul in “Emerging Talent”, Kootz Gallery.  Paints first realist painting “Lisette Pregnant”.  Daughter Paulette born March 6.  Designs scenery for Paper Mill Playhouse, Lower Bank, New Jersey.  Moves to 231 East 11th Street (1954-59).  Meets Fairfield Porter.  First New York solo exhibition scheduled for the co-operative Hansa Gallery (Nov 8- 27).  Although exhibition  is canceled when Heidi Fuchs exhibiting in October refuses to remove her work; review by Frank O’Hara appears in Art News (Nov 1954).


Meets John Bernard Myers.  First New York solo exhibition: Tibor de Nagy Gallery, (Oct 25- Nov 12). Designs stage sets for Tennessee Williams world premiere plays produced at Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey by Herbert Machiz.  Takes test for Set Designer’s union: fails.


Visits Oregon in conjunction with solo exhibitions at Reed College, Faculty Lounge, Portland, (July) and solo exhibition at University of Oregon, Eugene. Publishes “A Painter Looks at a) The Nude, b) Corot” in Art News (November).  Fairfield Porter gives Paul Maroger medium.


Solo Exhibition: Tibor  de Nagy Gallery, New York (April 23-May 11).  Summers at Northwest Woods, near East Hampton.  Franz Kline gives Paul his color oil paints.


Summers at Sagaponack near Bridgehampton, Long Island.  Solo exhibition : Zabriskie Gallery, New York. (December 8, 1958-Jan 3, 1959).


Family summers at Sagaponack.  Moves to 9 West 16th Street to a studio formerly occupied by Susan Brachman later a girlfriend of de Kooning.  Sees Lester Johnson’s “Head” paintings, paints large Self-Portrait Head which is shown at Janet Kayshian’s Great Jones Gallery.


Solo exhibition: “15 Self Portraits”, Great Jones Gallery, NY (February 23-March 13). Summers at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  Rents top floor loft with skylights at 645 Broadway for $28 a month (Fall).  Neighbors include Max Spoerri, Peggy Scott Spoerri, Leonard Horowitz, John & Vivian Koos.  Participates in “The Question of the Future, The 5th International Hallmark Art Award Exhibition”, Wildenstein Gallery, NY (Oct 4-29); receives Purchase Award.  Daughter Yvette born  November 13.  Paul and Max Spoerri build/install bookcase for W. H. Auden.


Awarded Longview Foundation Fellowship Purchase Award.  First sold out solo exhibition: “Fertility”, Great Jones Gallery, NY (January 23-February 19).  Visiting Professor of Art, University of Colorado, Boulder. (Jan-April).  Meets student Anthony Siani .  Drives to Oregon (May). de Kooning brings Joseph Hirshhorn to Great Jones Gallery who purchases 8 paintings. (June) Drives from Oregon to West Hampton, Long Island (July 4).  Summers at Sag Harbor, Long Island.  Regularly spends afternoons at “Artists Beach” now called Georgica in East Hampton.  Plays chess at the beach with artworld/beachgoers.  Solo exhibition:  Reed College, Portland, Oregon (c. December).  Exhibits in “Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.    Studio photographs by Fred McDarrah published in “The Artist’s World”.


Exhibits in “Figures: A Show of Current Figure Painting in New York”,  Kornblee Gallery, New York (May-June).  Summers at Sag Harbor, Long Island.  Solo Exhibtion: Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York (November 6-December 1).  Purchases home in Sagaponack, Long Island. December)


Solo exhibition: Allan Frumkin Gallery, Chicago (Oct 7- Nov 2).   Exhibits in “Annual Exhibition 1963: Contemporary American Painting”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. (Dec 11- February 2, 1964).   Group exhibition: “Hofmann and His Students” Museum of Modern Art, NY; Hans Hofmann stood in front of Paul’s “Seated Self Portrait”, 1962 and said, “You got it!”


Artist in residence, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (spring).  Solo exhibition: Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.   Solo Exhibtion: Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York (March 31- April 25).    Awarded Carol H. Beck Gold Medal at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts “159th Annual Exhibition”.   Paints his earliest existing political painting: John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.


Solo exhibition: Noah Goldowsky, NY (April 13- May 8).  Visiting lecturer: University of Oregon, Eugene, The Summer Academy of Contemporary Arts.  Solo exhibition: Fountain Gallery of Art, Portland, Oregon (opened July 2).  Solo exhibition: Cord Galleries, Southampton, Long Island (July 23-29).  Visiting lecturer, Yale University (Fall).  Offered Professorship of Art Department at Yale, refuses; career too hot.


Solo exhibition: Allan Frumkin Gallery, NY (January 4-29).  “Paul Georges Paints a Nude” by Lawrence Campbell published in Art News (January) The Studio appears on the cover.  Model sues Art News.  Lecturer, School of Visual Arts.  Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania (1966- 67).  Whitney Museum of American Art Purchases The Studio (Neysa McMein Purchase Award).  Alex Katz brings collectors Sydney & Frances Lewis to a spagetti dinner party at loft.


Artist in residence, Louisiana State University,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Sept – Nov).  Visits Preservation Hall several times and listens to loud Jelly Roll Morton, Muddy Waters and all from now on.  Returns to New York (November).    Begins painting “The Assassinated”.  Exhibits in “1967 Annual Exhibition   of  Contemporary American Painting”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. (Dec 13- Feb 4, 1967).  Begins “Return of the Muse” which leads to a series including The Mugging of the Muse, Triumph of the Muse, Muses and Rats, etc., spanning two decades.  Paints portraits of Sydney & Frances Lewis.


Solo exhibition: Allan Frumkin Gallery, NY (January 6-Feb4); Dorsky Gallery, NY (March 16- May 11); Union Art Gallery, Louisiana State University,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana (opens April 7); Artist in residence, Louisiana State University,  Baton Rouge, (February – April).  Exhibits in “Realism Now”, Vassar College Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, New York (May 8-June 12). Begins series of paintings protesting the Vietnam War.   Recommends old friend/teacher Jack Wilkinson to be head of the Art Department at L.S.U.


Alliance of Figurative Artists, initial  discussion meeting; Paul urges artists to overcome psychological barriers that make “cripples” of all figurative artists (February 14).  Solo exhibition: Dorsky Gallery, NY (March 16-May 11).  Decides to move when rent increases to $150 a month.   Finds building at 85 Walker Street, NYC, purchases top two floors, forms artist co-op with  Red Grooms, Anthony Siani, Trudy  & Harry Kramer.  (July)  Father-in-law Erwin Blumenfeld dies July 4 in Rome.  Visiting Professor, Boston University, Cooper Union, and Queens College (1969-70) to pay for new loft.   Marches in Washington to protest Vietnam War, October 15 and November 15.   Delivers lecture at Alliance of Figurative Artists, “The Necessity of Making an Image” , (November 7).  Exhibits in “1969 Annual Exhibition  of Contemporary American Painting”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.    Exhibits painting titled, “The Return of the Muse”.  (Dec 16-Feb 1, 1970).  John Canaday’s critique of “The Whitney Annual, or, Take Back Your Muse” appears in The New York Times (December 21).


Moves to Walker Street (January).  Design of loft with skylights and 26 foot studio ceiling inspired by Blumenfeld’s apartment at Hotel des Artists, 1 West 67th Street, NY .  Party for daughter’s Sweet Sixteen and housewarming; hundreds attend (March)  Dick Bellamy sets fireworks off of catwalk.  Kent State Massacre (May 4).  Begins series titled, “My Kent State”. Exhibits in “Painterly Realism” circulated 1970-72 by The American Federation of Arts. Begins series titled “Fantasy About Freedom”.  de Kooning visits Sagaponack studio many times this decade and invites Paul to visit his Springs studio giving Paul a dozen brushes.  Jack Wilkinson buys a barn for a case of whiskey and has it moved across a field to Green Hollow Road in East Hampton.  David Salle currently owns the barn and house Jack built.


Begins painting the World Trade Towers as they are being built.  They can be seen out the living room window.  Artist in residence, Louisiana State University,  Baton Rouge, (Fall). 


Mother-in-law Lena Citroen Blumenfeld sells apartment at Hotel des Artists to Estaban & Harriet Vicente, moves to Cambridge, England.  Visiting instructor, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine (July-August).  Visits Fairfield Porter in Maine.  Brief visit to Quebec, Canada.  Spearheads petition to The Whitney Museum signed by hundreds of artists asking for a retrospective for Alice Neel


Lecturer at University of California, Santa Barbara; (January).  Member of Alliance of Figurative Artists Panel: Topic: “The Picture Plane” (April 27).  Travels to Florida twice in conjunction with portrait commission of Dr. H. K. Stanford, President of the University of Miami.   Member of Alliance of Figurative Artists Panel: Topic: “Towards a Definition of Realism” (Nov 16).


Jack Wilkinson dies in East Hampton (August).  Delivers lecture at the Alliance of Figurative Artists: “Painting from Imagination” (March 29). Solo exhibition: Fischbach Gallery Downtown, NY (Nov 9-Dec 1).  Member of Alliance of Figurative Artists Panel: Topic: “Subject Matter, Renaissance, Humanism”, (December 20).  Thomas Georges, Sr. (father) dies (December).


Solo exhibition: Green Mountain Gallery, NY (March 7-27).   Delivers lecture at the Alliance of Figurative Artists: “Talk”,  (November 7).  Shows slide of Mugging of the Muse.  Anthony Siani and Jacob Silberman subsequently sue Paul Georges for Libel.  Paints Fairfield Porter’s portrait and paints with Fairfield: one week they paint together at Fairfield’s Southampton studio the next week they paint together at Paul’s Sagaponack studio.


Solo exhibition: Fischbach Gallery Uptown, NY (June 30-July 31) to coincide with the Democratic National Convention held in Manhattan.   Hilton Kramer savages exhibition in “Art View: A Disappointing Attempt at Political Allegory”, The New York Times (July 11). Receives Creative Artists Public Service Program Awards (CAPS) from the New York State Council on the Arts.  Founder & Chairman of The Artists’ Choice Museum, NYC.  Offered Chairmanship of Art Department at CAL Arts, Valencia, Ca.   Refuses; school too far from the ocean.


Visiting Professor of Art, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.  Receives inheritance, purchases house at Pomfret, Connecticut (Fall).  Paul travels to Europe for the first time since 1952 with family.  Visits London, Cambridge, Paris, Florence, Rome.


Daughter Paulette marries Yannick Theodore (September 9).   Brandeis University Board of Trustees appoints Paul Georges Professor of Fine Arts, with tenure (October 6).  Paul is only tenured Professor of Painting in a department with five tenured Art History Professors. Students include Felix Pene du Bois,  Rhonda Lieberman.  Begins series titled “Gods Meeting Satellites”.


Solo exhibition:  Tomosulo Gallery, Fine Arts Department, Union College, Cranford, New Jersey (February 2-27).  Member of Alliance of Figurative Artists Panel: Topic: “Eight Artists Speak of their Favorite Painting or Sculpture”, (February 16).  Solo exhibition: Meghan Williams Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (December –Jan 19, 1980).  Visits Wyoming, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles; lecturer at UC Santa Barbara.


Elected Associate, National Academy of Design.  Exhibits in “The Figurative Tradition and the Whitney Museum of American Art: Paintings and Sculpture from the Permanent Collection”, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY (June 25-September 28).   Named Charles Bloom Professor of Arts and Design, Brandeis University (July).  Jury finds Paul Georges guilty of libel, awards Siani and Silberman $30,000 each for the painting: The Mugging of the Muse.  Solo Exhibition: Swen Parson Gallery, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois curated by Dennis Adrian.  (December 9-Jan 18, 1981).  Begins series based on Greek Myths, continues using subject matter based on various Greek myths for the rest of his life. Takes Greek lessons.


Awarded Benjamin Altman Figure Prize at the National Academy of Design “156th Annual Exhibition” (Feb 26 - March 29).  Solo exhibition: Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA (Feb 1-March 8).  Visited Greece saw Ancient sites (May until June 19). Included in “Contemporary Realism since 1960”, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia (Sept 18-Dec 13).  Applies to Southampton Township for variance to build larger studio.  Township rejects application and rejects appeal of application.  Begins series about Art

History Professors at Brandeis University titled, “Dance of the Heavies”.


Elected Full Academician, National Academy of Design.  Solo exhibition: Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago (Feb 1-March 29);  attends opening.  Victor Kovner, prominent First Amendment Attorney appeals libel case.  (July).  Appellate Court overturns libel verdict. (December).  Family visits Rome, Naples, Pompeii and Paestum (December).


Visits Santa Barbara, California ; lecturer at UC Santa Barbara (May).  Awarded Andrew Carnegie Prize at the National Academy of Design “158th Annual Exhibition” March 17-April 17).  Yvette moves to Los Angeles (May).  Solo exhibition : College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas (October-Nov 3); Attends opening.  Solo exhibition: The More Gallery, Philadelphia, (Oct 28-Nov 16)  Sells Sagaponack house (December).


Closing on Sagaponack House (January).  Visits France for two weeks (January).  Departs for France (April), where he summers in Treviere.  Granddaughter Rachel Theodore born May 25. Purchases “La Champagne” a fortified farm in Normandy near Omaha Beach (Fall).  15,000 square feet of barn space to become his studios.  Begins final year at Brandeis.  Solo exhibition: Manhattan Art, NY (Oct 13-November 10).  Visits Santa Barbara and Los Angeles; lecturer at UC Santa Barbara (November). 


Solo exhibition: William Crapo Gallery, The Swain School of Design, New Bedford, Massachusetts, (Feb 18-March 14).  Solo exhibition: Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, (March 27-April 21).  During midterm visits France stays in Normandy residence.  Retires from Brandeis University (May).  Solo exhibition: The More Gallery, Philadelphia (June).  Summers in Normandy.; visits London sees Greek friezes from Bassae at The British Museum sketches them everyday (May 31-June 12).   Travels to Belgium to buy linen, Holland to see art.  Included in “American Realism: Twentieth-Century Drawings and Watercolors from the Glen C. Janss Collection”, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (November 7-January 12, 1986).  Flown to Richmond, Virginia to celebrate the opening of the Sydney & Frances Lewis Galleries at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts by chartered plane with Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Alex Katz, Philip Pearlstein, Jack Beal, et al.


Receives Painting citation, American Academy of Arts and Letters (March); exhibits in “Paintings and Sculptures by Candidates for Art Awards”, (March 3-29).  Awarded Ranger Purchase Prize at the National Academy of Design “161st Annual Exhibition” painting titled, “Hello Calvados!” given to The Smithsonion who later de-accessions it to The Rose Art Museum Collection at Brandeis, University.  Returns to New York (November).  Solo exhibition: Anne Plumb Gallery, New York (Dec 2-January 10,1987). Begins the Diane and Actaeon paintings in the large studio in Normandy his largest best known series.  First of series of fourteen large paintings 154” x 137” size range.


Returns to France (March) Visits Brugge and Breskins,  Amsterdam to eat herring; see art, buy linen.   Returns to New York (December).


Visits Santa Barbara; lecturer at UC Santa Barbara.  Visits Kersh in Laurel Canyon. (February)  Departs for France (March).  Solo exhibtion: “Diane and Actaeon”, Anne Plumb Gallery, NY (Nov 19-Dec 23).  Returns to New York to vote every election year.  Begins series about Aids, HIV and freedom.


Delivers Lecture at the Alliance of Figurative Artists: “Talk” (February 10).  Departs for France (February).   Travels to Italy; visits Maser, Venice, Padua and Vicenza.  Sees Giotto, Palladio, Piero della Francesco, Tinterettos at Scuola di S. Rocco.    Fire at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery destroys four paintings and twenty four drawings (April).  Daughter Yvette marries Christopher Deeton (April).  Solo exhibition: Vered Gallery, East Hampton, Long Island (September).  Returns to NY (October).  Solo exhibition: Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, South Carolina (Nov 15-December)


Awarded Certificte of Merit at the National Academy of Design “165th Annual Exhibition” (Feb 7- Mar 7).  Departs for France (March).  Mother-in-law Lena Citroen Blumenfeld dies (February).  Yvette moves from Los Angeles becomes manager of the Paul Georges Studio in New York (March).  Purchase Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters, Childe Hassam and Spilcher Fund.  Visits Titians in Venice. Returns to NY (December).  Begins series titled “The Extremists” showing lightening bolts going into the World Trade Towers against the red skyline of Manhattan.


Solo exhibition: The More Gallery, Philadelphia (Feb 1-March 6).  Solo exhibition: Anne Plumb Gallery, NY (February 9-March 16).  Undergoes angioplasty balloon surgery on the heart (February).  Departs for France (February).  Awarded Gladys Emerson Cook Prize at the National Academy of Design “166th Annual Exhibtion” (April 2-May 12).  Visits Joyce and Phillip Anderson in Cornwall, England (May).  Solo exhibition: Vered Gallery, East Hampton, Long Island (August 31-Sept 30).  Returns to New York (November)


Joins Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, New York (January).  Returns to Normandy.  Exhibits in “Slow Art: Painting in New York Now”,  P.S. 1 Museum, Long Island City (April 26-June 21). Receives Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant.   Travels to London to see Rembrandt and Mantegna exhibitions; visits Venice and Vienna.  Visits Carnac, Brittany in May & August to view Megaliths Alignments.  Solo exhibition:  Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, NY (August 1-31).  Returns to New York in  time to vote (October 25).  Yvette calls Brooks Adams asking him to visit the studio and consider writing an article on Paul.


Visits Santa Barbara; lecturer at UC Santa Barbara (January).  Returns to France (February). Awarded Emil Dines Carlsen Award at the National Academy of Design “168th Annual Exhibition” April 1- May 2).  Receives Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (June).  Views Titian Exhibition in Paris. Visits Joyce and Phillip Anderson in Oxford, England (October). Returns to New York (November).


Departs for France (March).  Returns to New York (October).  Solo exhibition:  Salander- O’Reilly Gallery, NY (November 1-26).  Paints series based on Dr. Faust by Christopher Marlowe.


Solo exhibtion: Sordoni Art Gallery, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, (January 22-March 5).  Returns to France (January).  Solo exhibition: Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris (February 2-March 18).  Macular degeneration diagnosis.  Begins series titled, “Blindness” and large series titled, “The Death of Paul Georges”.


Granddaughter Dea Deeton born  July 16.  July 16th paints Normandy courtyard with lightening bolt in a green sky.  Solo exhibition:  Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, NY (October 22-Nov 9)


Continues series on themes of blindness, death.


Solo exhibition:  Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, NY (December 2-31).


Henry Justin acquires twenty-four Paul Georges paintings and opens The Center for Figurative

Painting Exhibition space to exhibit them.


Solo exhibition:  Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, NY (March 29-April 29).  Granddaughter Gia Deeton born April 5.    Solo exhibition: “Paul Georges: The Big Idea” The Center for Figurative Painting, New York (May 6-June 10).


Art in America Magazine publishes 10 page article by Brooks Adams, “Paul Georges: A Fighter By His Trade”, (January).   Filmed for a television program called “Art Under the Radar” (April).  “I think tradition is where the guts of life is.  But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is…I’m a traditional painter but that doesn’t mean I’m a bore ...   It means I’m interested in the guts of living. …If I say that the horizon and freedom are linked, that’s who I really am”. Departs for France (April).  Begins series he titled : “My Posthumous Series”.   Returns to New York  fall.


Cataract operation (February).  Returns to Normandy (March).  Dies at lunch April 17 of Cardiac Arrest at “Le Duguesclin”  Restaurant overlooking the ocean.


Solo exhibition:  “My Posthumous Series”,  Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, NY (March 4-29).

The Extremists study ,1991-92, 79 3/4”h x 96”w

Liberty & HIV, 1989-90, 60”h x 40”w

Portrait of Fairfield Porter, 1975

51 1/8”h x 38”w

PG with friends in Normandy courtyard April 2002

Paul (right) at Artist’s Choice Museum party, 1976

Kayak on bike cart; bike fell off, Sagg Road, Sagaponack, PG with Yuki #3

c. 1977

Paul, Lisette & Yuki #1, LaFrette, France, former

studio of Albert Marquet, c. 1951, above and below

Designing sets for Tennessee WIlliams, Lake Hopatcong, 1955

Paulette, Paul, Yvette, 645 Broadway c.1967

Paul’s side of shared room, NYC 1948

Witham & PG: roomates, NYC, 1948 ^


Hans Hofmann

Provincetown, 1947

photo c Thomas Roderick

courtesy Maria Hans & Renate

Hofmann Estate

NEWSWEEK, November 19, 1962

PG’s one room dacca, France 1949


Pacific WWII

Self Portrait Head 1972

cast 1980

World Trade Towers under Construction, 1971

36”h x 24”w

view out the window

Preservation Hall, New Orleans, 1971

PG + Yuki + Sagaponack House, 1972